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Ostoul Capital Group is an exceptional all-in-one institution that is dedicated to offering its clients a fully integrated yet diversified suite of investment services that helps them develop their investment portfolios and capitalize their returns.

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Provide our clients with the best investment strategy through a highly experienced team, a dynamic investment approach and an exceptional market awareness level, thus further enhancing our position as a credible and well trusted investment partner


Lead the market and stand out by excelling in providing a vast range of investment services that helps come up with the most solid financial advice


- Integrity - Credibility - Diligence - Competence - Transparency - Efficiency - Dedication

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Ostoul Capital Group

In a span of a few years, Ostoul Capital Group was able to cement its position among the top players in the field. Our track record now speaks for itself with a clientele list currently including some of the biggest Egyptian and Gulf names in the market as well as a significant number of renowned governmental and ministerial funds.

 Established in February 2016, Ostoul Capital Group’s list of shareholders includes some of the most prominent names in diverse fields and industries making it one of the most solid institutions in the field.

Ostoul Capital Group went on to incorporate Ostoul Securities Brokerage and Bonds Trading in addition to Ostoul Financial Consultancies. In less than four years, Ostoul Capital Group and its subsidiaries managed to acquire a significant number of licenses including Portfolio Management, Fund Management, Custody, Private Equity, Investment Banking, Nilex Sponsor, Listing Agent, Trading in Bonds and Treasury Bills, Trading in GDRs as well as Foreign Instruments.

Our Services Include

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Ostoul Securities Brokerage
and Bonds Trading

Trading in Stocks , Bonds and Treasury Bills

GDRs & Foreign Instruments

Sameday Trading

Margin Trading

Highly Secured Online Trading

Listing Agent

Marketing of Investment Certificates

Ostoul Securities Brokerage and Bonds Trading


Includes a group of highly experienced and deeply specialized executives, all aiming to provide Ostoul’s clients with the best service and financial advice possible.

Securing its position among the top players in the market, Ostoul’s brokerage arm offers a wide range of brokerage-related services that guarantee the investor a smooth and exceptional investment experience. In an attempt to provide its clients with a full package, Ostoul acquired a number of licenses including :




Marketing of Certificates


Margin Trading

Listing Agent

Online Trading

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Ostoul Capital Group


Heading out to the largest client base possible, Ostoul Capital Group offers well researched investment strategies as well as tailor made models to suit every one’s needs and preferences. Equipped with significantly experienced executives, a sound research team and highly qualified technical analysts, Ostoul Capital is guaranteed to come up with the most appropriate investment plan .
With a current client base including some of the biggest Egyptian and Gulf names in the market (whether individuals or institutions) as well as the pension and insurance funds of asgnificant number of ministries as well as public and private sector entities , Ostoul Capital currently manages an assets base worth more than EGP 2.9 billion (as of November2023) and is targeting a further assets under management value worth more than 1 billion Egyptian pounds by mid 2023.

14000000 TOP Asset Mangment
Ostoul Capital Group

Custody Services

In order to give its clients further assurance of their capability to fully manage their investments, Ostoul Capital  acquired a custody license, thus becoming an official custodian.
Through an exceptional and highly experienced custody team, strong ties with the Authorities and a highly competitive fee structure, clients are guaranteed an exceptional level of service and an entity that is only looking out for their best interests.
Ostoul Capital’s safekeeps an assets value worth more than EGP 22.84 billion thus competing with the top custodian banks . With a staggering additional EGP 5 billion in the pipeline due to Ostoul’s additional services of registering and listing any companies’ shares with Misr For Central Clearing , Depository and Registry.Ostoul capital will continue to prosper in the custody field .


Boutique Investment Bank
Egypt 2018

by (Capital Finance International).’s judging panel concurred the decision following its analysis of Ostoul’s swift development over a short period of three years where the Group has succeeded in cementing its presence among other similar entities through its offering of a vigorous set of investment related services including brokerage, portfolio and fund management, custody, private equity, investment banking and consultancy services in addition to being a listing agent and Nilex sponsor.

Best New
Asset Management Company
Egypt 2020

BY Global Banking & Finance Review
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